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The SEO Treo Formula:

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Not three SEO Techs, but a three pronged approach:
If your small business is not fully self-sustaining or not growing (if you so choose),
    Then, have a Web 2.0 website developed that is W3C complaint.
    Remember, a website is just a new media form of advertising at any rate.
Else, if you already have a website, have your website “organically” optimized using new SEO 2.0 techniques.
Else, if you already chose a traditional form of SEO and it is taking too long for your site to show up on page 1 of Google in the top ten results, optimize a PPC campaign through cost per click (CPC) bid management.
Not many people are aware, but traditional SEO CAN be applied to PPC.

Mission and Philosophy:

SEO Treo’s mission and philosophy is to provide the most professional and highest quality natural web site optimization services, customer service, and search engine rankings to our customers. We are members of the Better Business Bureau of Palm Beach, Better Business Bureau Online, The Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce, SEMPO, Yahoo Ambassadors, A Google Qualified Company, TopSEOS, SFIMA, Shop.org, and the eMarketing Association.

SEO Treo uniquely approaches Search Engine Optimization from a consultative perspective. We do not believe in a “one size fits all” implementation. Our programs are tailored to meet the needs of your unique web site audience and business goals. By working directly with your team, we will be able to determine exactly which tactics yield the best results for your campaign. Through extensive attention to the fundamental framework of search engines, SEO Treo rises above “faddish” placement schemes and trends. We develop proven, cutting‐edge technologies. SEO Treo will uncover the most effective keywords and keyword phrase queries for each of your constituencies ‐ whether your audience is consumers, other businesses, investors, the press, etc. Each of these necessitates a dramatically different approach, and it takes a long‐term relationship to reap the benefits of this targeted strategy.

Throughout our customer relationship, we continue to monitor and refine search engine rankings. We comply with every SEO White-Hat Code of Ethics and we absolutely do not leverage Black-Hat tactics, spam or cloaking techniques. We achieve top placements with hard work, dedication, and proven optimization methodologies. The success of our company is reliant on the success of our customers.

SEO Treo employs the methodologies that you would use for yourself if your organization had the expertise to undertake such an effort. This means we optimize your actual web site ‐ we do not use procedures that are external to your site whose benefits dissipate the moment our contract ends. After we’ve optimized your site and conducted a complete search engine positioning campaign, your results and traffic can last for an extended period of time.

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