Google ranking tips

How many years the domain has been registered effects ranking. The majority of spam sites only register domains for a year or so. The longer period implies that the domain owner is more likely legitimate and serious about their website.

Google records the discovery of a link, link changes over time, the speed at which a site gains links and the link life span.

Be careful of where the links are coming from as well. If we have a majority of links posted on spam related sites blacklisting is possible.
Link anchor keywords should remain consistent with the content of our site. We can vary the text but try to keep it within the 5 or 10 main keywords. If you vary the keywords too often it can be considered spam.

Fewer links will benefit a page’s rank better than many… the quality is what is truly important.

Being on a shared server can hurt our ranking as well. If someone else is using the server for spam related activities our site could suffer since we would share the same IP.

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