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Improved Site Navigation – It is critical that every site has some type of “spider friendly”, global navigation that is in alignment with your final keyword list. Because a site’s navigation typically takes users (and spiders) to the most important pages on a site such as product category pages or geo targeted pages, use of text links in the navigation is important. SEO Treo recommends incorporating a global navigation in accordance with your final keyword list.

Optimization of URL structure ‐ Search engine spiders crawl through all aspects of your site including your URL’s in a fraction of a second. The manner in which your pages link together is more critical than ever and the positioning of these text links is important too. SEO Treo will devise an improved strategy for improving your site’s URL structure so all of them are in accordance with the most important keywords associated with each page.

Improved Internal Linking Structure using text links – The internal link structure on your site critical from two standpoints:
1) Clean URL’s within the source code make it easier for search engine spiders to completely index your site and,
2) improving your site’s internal link popularity, each themed page will have more pages pointing to it. SEO Treo will improve the internal linking structure of your site in all areas to ensure each page has the proper authority and value to the search engines.

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