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SEO Treo’s Search Engine Marketing methodology is the most well rounded, effective and respected in the industry. We look at your company’s current websites, search engine presence, the competitive landscape of the Internet for your targeted industries and develop the best strategy for accomplishing both your short term and long term goals. Campaigns are completely customized to every client with some campaigns starting with strictly organic search and others starting with a combination of paid and organic search.

Campaigns may start out with a very narrow match keyword assignment while others will target both broad and narrow match keyword phrases. Direction of all campaigns is determined by the factors listed above, as well as budget, how much revenue a company is currently generating from their search marketing efforts, and company goals. We perform only “white hat” techniques utilizing a thematic optimization methodology using only industry approved best practices. We do not use any of the black hat techniques like link farming, cloaking, spamming, keyword or content stuffing. We incorporate all aspects of the best industry approved practices to develop and implement strategies in both organic and paid search for our clients to achieve their short and long term goals in some of the following areas:

Site Analysis – We look at every element of your website that the search engines find critical to making your website authoritative including but not limited to the following:

Site Value – Number of Indexed Pages; Hosting Quality; Page Rank; Alexa Rank; Link Popularity; Search Engine Rankings; Paid Search Quality Score; URL Branding; Landing Page Value; Ad Copy Value; Paid Search Positioning; Overspending on Unqualified Paid Search Traffic.

Site Architecture ‐ Site Structure; Site Design; Navigation; URL Structure; Link Structure; Page Size; Header/Footer Structure; Conversion Areas.

Code ‐ Meta Tags; Title Tags; Header Tags; Alt Tags; Div Tags; Summary Tags; Site Accessibility Tags; Index and Follow Tags; Keyword Density and Content placement in the code; Externalizing Java Script; Cascading Style Sheets (CSS); XML sitemaps; Flash Optimization; Mobile Tag Optimization and Image Optimization.

Content ‐ Keyword Density; Internal Linking; Content Layout; Page Size; Calls to Action; Conversion Optimization.

Keyword Analysis ‐ We use a variety of tools to analyze and determine the most beneficial keyword phrases to position your website on the search engines that will best assist you in reaching your long and short term goals. These tools include but are not limited to; Keyword Discovery; Wordtracker; SEO Books; Webmaster Toolkit; WordZe; SeoDigger; KeywordSpy; SpyFu; Hitwise Search Intelligence; Google AdWords: Keyword Tool; Strictly CSS KEI Tool and our own proprietary software to name a few.

Competitive Analysis – Based on your site and keyword analysis, we look at the most authoritative websites in your industry to assist in determining the best strategy for you to reach your company goals. We look at organic search positioning, paid search, and industry related directory positioning to assist in the strategic planning of your campaign.

Link Analysis – We look at your websites inbound links and your competitors link popularity, both in value of links and quantity of valuable links recognized by the search engines. We look for “black hat” link farming and the number of internally linked pages of a website. Authoritative link building includes, but is not limited to the following: Premium Directories; Press Releases; Blog Syndication; Article Syndication; Social Network Building; Video Syndication; Image Syndication; Podcast Distribution; Social Bookmarking; Google Product Feeds; RSS Feeds; Local Search Feeds.

Strategic Planning – Based on all of the information gathered on your company, your website, your search engine presence, your competitors, your budget and your company goals, we develop the most effective, strategic plan that will secure the best long‐term foundation of premier search engine positioning, give your company the best branding and generate the largest amount of revenue for your company through both organic and paid search.

Paid Search Key Areas of Focus – SEO Treo’s Paid Search Team is one of the most respected in the industry. We specialize in generating more sales at a much lower spend for our clients than most other PPC Companies. All of our team members are Google and Yahoo Certified Paid Search Specialists providing the very best in‐depth analysis, testing, marketing, management and optimization of your paid search campaigns.

SEO Treo Paid Search Services include but are not limited to:

Building quality score and keyword foundation
URL branding
Budget flexibility
General ad messaging
Google campaign segmentation
Maximize on page positioning
Revenue tracking and ad testing
Google checkout
Driving qualified traffic
Slight overbidding in some cases
No content targeting
Landing page targeting/effectiveness
Non‐holistic view of on‐site behavior
Expanded engine coverage
Display URL testing
Offline tracking
Drive CPC down
Branding campaign
Dynamic keyword insertion
Day parting : determine when your target market is searching and focus budget there
Fully expanded keyword list to include: long tail terms, negative keywords, misspellings, buzz words, competitors, and product codes
Rigorous testing for ads and keyword positioning
Landing pages
New Google Top Placement Algorithm
Overspending on unqualified traffic
Reputation Management ‐ Our full service reputation management services provides companies with solutions to a variety of online marketing tools. The objective of the Online Identity Management process is to:
1. Maximize the appearances of positive online references about a specific company or individual, targeting not only to users that actively search for them, but also to those that eventually can reach a person’s reference while browsing the web.
2. Build an online identity in case the person’s web presence is minimal or nonexistent.
3. Solve online reputation problems.

The tools utilized by SEO Treo’s Reputation Management Team includes:

Blog Development/Posts/Syndication
Wikipedia/ Listings
Press Releases
Social Media Management
Paid Search Marketing
Social Bookmarking
Message Board Monitoring
Google Alerts
Video Syndication
Image Syndication
Tracking and Reporting ‐ Our full service site analytics provides companies with real‐time intelligence regarding their online strategies and marketing initiatives.

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