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Why us?


SEO Treo takes pride in keeping all of our optimization work in house. Our clients can be sure that will have their campaign managed by an experienced SEO Project Manager and the consulting and coding will be done in house and not farmed out to a company overseas. This allows for strict quality control guidelines to be implemented.

SEO Treo in business since 2001 making it a newer, but still experienced SEO company
One of the Fastest Growing Private Companies in America

As one of the pioneers in the search engine marketing industry, SEO Treo has been able to help our client’s business grow and this has resulted in explosive growth for SEO Treo

Unique Talent

SEO Treo has been working with Internet technologies for over 7 years as technologists, sales managers, business owners, and marketers. We have been doing Search Engine Optimization since 1994 and have a combined knowledge of 24 years in IT technology.

Customized Solutions to Meet Your Business Needs

Unlike most other companies in our industry, we understand that optimization is only a piece of an overall Web marketing and advertising campaign. SEO Treo pays attention to the “bigger picture” of your business. We take the time to understand your industry, we listen to your needs, and we align our optimization campaign with the goals of your business.

While SEO Treo can handle ALL of your search engine marketing needs; one of our core beliefs is that web sites should strive for strong “Organic” search engine placement. This should be the foundation for all of your internet marketing efforts. We will help your site achieve stronger than ever “organic” placement on the search engines.

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