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SEO Treo employs proven organic optimization methodologies; including hand coded customized page or template optimization. Utilizing our methodologies we are able to optimize templates especially targeted for the most complicated content management systems written in any front end language. After carefully optimizing each template we implement a proprietary hand written spider‐guider site map, forcing the spider to index all pages in an appropriate and aggressive manner.

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As a Google Adwords certified company we utilize a specially designed keyword bid management tool to control bids within exact budget requirements. Allowing for bids based on time of day, vacation periods and overly aggressive competitors.

SEO Treo will not employ any of the following techniques within its optimization process: doorway pages, keyword stuffing, throwaway or cloaked pages and or shadow domains. At no time has a client of SEO Treo ever been banned or demoted for the utilization of any of our proprietary methodologies. In fact we have taken on previously banned clients, and where able to get the search engines to un-ban the sites when they reviewed our techniques.

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