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In search engine optimization (SEO) , overwhelming force can be very effective. Add strategy and efficiency to the SEO efforts and the limits of what is possible can be pressed.

How can the concept of overwhelming force be applied to search engine optimization, and other SEO endeavors, such as reverse search engine optimization (Reverse SEO) -Credited to Clinton Cimring of Search Engine Partner.

PPPPPPP. One definition of this acronym is “Proper Prior Planning Prevents Pathetically Poor Performance.” In order to maximize the tactic of overwhelming force in search engine optimization, proper prior planning must take place, where large volumes of content are generated, before the SEO campaign goes into full motion. The “proper prior planning” also requires that you have in-depth information and knowledge of the campaign, the campaign objectives and campaign goal(s). Having this understanding will allow for the “proper” content to be generated. Any misinterpretation in this area may set the entire campaign on a path for undesirable results, which in SEO can be fatal.

While the content is being strategically generated, the foundation for their voice is being created. This may be a new website being designed and developed, or new social networks being tapped into, or publication outlets being prepped, or all of the above. Setting up all of these outlets is so critical to the entire SEO campaign because this is the springboard for the overwhelming force part of the project. This also falls into the same guideline that an in-depth understanding of the campaign, in its entirety, must exist. Also, failure to realize this knowledge can make or break the entire campaign.

Once enough strategic content has been generated, the outlets for these pieces should be in place and ready to go live. This is where the two fundamentals of this tactic join forces, where the overwhelming force is put into motion.

Utilizing this tactic, as outlined above, is a guerrilla warfare type of maneuver which can give a small organization a strategic advantage over more established organizations, including large enterprises. One of the very powerful advantages of this tactic is surprise, which then leaves any interested competition repeatedly behind the curve as your content, your arsenal, was amassed before you made your move.
Hopefully, in your PPPPPPP, you chose the right ground to go after….

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