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SEO Treo goes one step beyond the “norm” in our process, and actually consult with you about how you can make your web site more visible to the search engines. There are site architectural and design changes that should be considered to help optimize the visibility on the major search engines.


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Increase the number of keyword‐rich pages – SEO Treo will increase the number of keyword and content rich pages in accordance with your products and services that is in alignment with your final keyword list to ensure your site has the maximum value and authority to the search engines. We will write and you will provide content to ensure your site has enough relevant content to compete with the top sites in your industry.

Improve the keyword-rich text content in the code – The content on each page needs to be higher in the code of that page. SEO Treo will help you improve the keyword density in your code through our global optimization of your sites.

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