Traditional SEO 1.0 vs. SEO 2.0

Our entire site up until this point has been dedicated to traditional SEO 1.0. You may have asked yourself, “Why would they be publishing all this if it really works?” “Wouldn’t they just keep it to themselves like everyone else does?.”

Our answer is yes; you are right to a certain extent… There’s only been a handful of individuals that have “cracked” Google’s new Universal “search” algorithm or reverse engineering it as we call it.  However; 99% of what we’ve posted on this site still holds. The other 1%, the senior partner of Search Engine Partner was nice enough to share with us. While we’re mentioning them, you may have noticed that our site was designed and developed by them. Yes, besides ourselves they are the only SEO company out there we would trust enough to outsource a job like this. They’re the only company we’ve come across that has a former engineer from Google working for them, which may very well have something to do with the results they’re able to achieve.

SEO 1.0 vs. SEO 2.0 Comparison



SEO 2.0     

Un-Natural Linking: Gain backlinking by submitting to directories, link buying, and manually adding links from requests. Optimized for links.


Natural Linking: Gaining links through socializing, blogs, forums, automatic linking through networking. Optimized for traffic and sales conversions.

Quantity: by keyword stuffing and repetitive titles and descriptions, Designed for the search engine spiders in mind. Optimized for keywords


Quality: by making things completely unique using LSI content structure with no keyword stuffing. Designed with not only the search engines but focusing on the human viewer. Optimized for tags.

Competition: webmaster fight each other trying to gain the best advantages to gain top 10 positions


Cooperation: Web master help each other by linking to one another and build into a strong community so they each get better rankings.

Introverted: We’re not doing SEO, no we can’t show you our client lists so don’t ask, secretive SEO companies


Extraverted: Welcome our newest client “company X”, we are glad they decided to join our family.

Optimization: clicks, pageviews, visits


Innovation: sales conversions, ROI, company branding

Link Structure: Inbound links to the home page only. Links from the home page to the interior pages.


Link Infrastructure: Inbound links to all pages. Links form interior pages out to the home page.

Non-Authoritative: Building your site from the top down. Putting all your emphasis on your home page.


Authoritative: Building your site from the bottom up. Making each page just as important as the home page.

On-Page Optimization: Cleaning up code, adding keywords, and writing content.


Off-Page Optimization: Gaining links, joining networks, social bookmarking, and exchanging links.

And as we get from information from Cimring we’ll be sharing it with you.

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