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At SEO Treo we stand behind the services we offer and are proud to be able to share some of our clients SEO testimonials and case studies with you. In exchange for listing some of our clients SEO testimonials below we simply ask that you refrain from contacting the clients listed below until you are ready to sign with us. Again, we are extremely grateful that some of our clients have allowed us to share their experiences in these SEO testimonials and we ask that you respect their privacy until you are actually ready to move forward.

Thank you in advance!

SEO Testimonial 1:


Web Hosting Reviews ( featured on page 3 in the United States and page 1 in Israel for the keyword, "Web Hosting," which receives 2,740,000 in the U.S. and 5,000,000 searches globally per month.

This keyword increased our client's unique visitors from 9,500 in September to 11,500 in December of 2009. This was an increase of 3,000 unique visitors per month. The cost per click in Google for this keyword is $13.05. Therefore, the equivalent cost for this keyword on the Sponsored Links side of Google would have been $39,150. The total cost for this client's campaign was $10,000. We're currently saving the client $38,150 per month!

Increased search engine traffic almost 17,000%!!!

review it online

-Elad Domb, CEO
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SEO Testimonial 2:

mustang headlamps

Mustang Headlamps ( featured on page 2 of Google in the United States for the search term, "headlights," which receives 2,740,000 searches in the USA.

This search term increased the client's unique visitors from 236 in July to 2,411 in December of 2009. This was an increase in over 2,000 visits. The pay per click cost for this keyword in Google Adwords is around $3.00 per click. The cost for this amount of clicks on the pay per click side of Google would have been $6,525. The cost for the client's campaign was $10,000. The client saved $9,575 since October.

Ranked on the first page for the search term, “headlamps,” within 1 month. Increased unique visitors from 0 in July of 2009 to 2,411 in November of 2009.

-Gary Gauthier, Webmaster
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headlight depot

SEO Testimonial 3:

Sonic Brilliance Studios

SEO Testimonials

My sincerest gratitude goes out to you for delivering results far beyond my expectations. There is fierce competition in the music industry and I must admit, that I was initially rather skeptical to see much improvement. However in the first month, the number of hits on my site has increased over 200% and is still growing. Business wise, this has been of the finest investments I've made to date.

Many thanks,

-Yarron Katz, Founder 

SEO Testimonial 4:

Business Consulting Council (formerly Your Better Business)


“I was truly impressed when I saw the results of our sister company's [Phoresite] SEO campaign. Seeing us after only 1 and a half weeks in the first page, top ten placement of Google's Search results for an important key phrase such as “business development” was an exciting time for all of us in the office. What was even more impressive is when SEO Treo told us that we would even be able to go up against the BBB in competing with the phrase, better business. We truly appreciate the caliber of your professionalism and expertise and cannot wait to offer your services to our clients.”

-Georgina Scott, General Manager
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SEO Testimonial 5:


DNA Diet

“When I first saw SEO Treo on the first page of google for 'first page rankings,' I didn't believe it at first. But then I started to read what they had to offer. I did my due-diligent and called them. I talked to someone and she was very helpful and professional. She also told me that if I go to their site, I can do SEO myself if I would like. I was so impressed by the information they were sharing with everyone on their blog that I decided to try them out, and besides they have a “guarantee” so what did I have to lose? They have been working on my site and my site is already on first page of google and the project is not even done yet! They continue to treat me like I'm part of the family and they taught me some secrets that I can't share here. But they are definitely worth every dime.”

-Felipe Penna, CEO
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SEO Testimonial 6:

Booker Business Consulting

Booker business consulting

“We hired SEOTreo ( for their Search Engine Optimization services. Within twenty four hours we were on the first page of Google under the keyword phrases they helped us choose.  We were so impressed with the results we became SEO Consultants for the company! Thank you Mr. Cimring for your knowledge, expertise, and quick results.”

-James T. Booker, CEO
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SEO Testimonial 7:

Mark my Mortgage

Web Design Example

“Not only did SEO Treo help me with SEO, they built my website from scratch, designed a logo from a blank slate, which turned out for other companies to be extremely difficult (coming up with something to represent 25 years in the mortgage business), and also trademarked my name through the United States Patent and Trademark Office, which evidently just protected me from some company in Asia from trying to register my name as their brand. Although SEO Treo doesn't claim to be a one-stop-shop, I can't imagine any other company that is (in a good way)! If I went to four or more separate companies for these same services I can only imagine how much I would have been charged. If you're on the border of signing up with these guys, just ask me; I'll give you a push!”

-Mark Wilkinson PA, Owner
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SEO Testimonial 8:

Distinct Diamonds

SEO Testimonials

“After reading all of the SEO testimonials on the site, especially the results of Fire & Ice, we decided to sign up. We were very surprised to see how SEO Treo was able to optimize our site on the actual website, itself, as well as "offsite." SEO Treo somehow managed to register several other websites with the keywords we had selected and built out whole other sites, which all point back to us. Now, when someone types in our keywords, we have at least three spots on any page. Talk about desktop real-estate...”

-Michael Korotun, COO
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SEO Testimonial 9:

Climax Events

climax events

"I think an SEO testimonial is a great way to showcase the type of work you perform and we are pleased to write one. I've previously dealt with several SEO firms in the past; firms like Increase Visibility, National Positions, and Getupdated Internet Marketing. Once thing we found across the board is that, although these companies claimed to be experts at search engine optimization, they couldn't seem to figure out how to optimize a Wordpress based site that's built primarily with a shopping cart. That's the difference between them and you. By having programmers sit next to your SEOs, you can have an open communicative process, which has certainly proved itself. I would highly recommend SEOTreo to any Wordpress based site out there."

-Cary Rodman, Promoter
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